Who is GF Interpreter Support Services?

GF Interpreter Support Services was created by Giovanna Wormsbecker and Frida Blum, Certified Court Interpreters, who joined forces to provide high-quality and value-added services to clients and colleague interpreters through an array of services.

Frida Blum is originally from Mexico, where she was an attorney specializing in criminal, civil, and judiciary law. In the U.S., she became a certified Court interpreter for the Spanish language and recently received the Federal certification. She's also a certified facilitator for the Community Interpreter. Currently, she is employed in a County Court and also works with several government and community agencies interpreting for conferences on topics such as racial justice and equity, community engagement, environment, and education.

Giovanna Wormsbecker is originally from Peru, where she received a Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering. In the U.S., she became a Certified Court interpreter in Spanish and worked for the Superior Court of California for almost 10 years. Now, she works mainly in the private sector in a variety of fields, such as educational, medical, community Interpreting, behavioral services, governmental forums, etc.

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Our principles

Quality Education

Flexible Learning

Professional Development

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We believe in providing interpreters with high-quality education that equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their profession.

Our online courses offer interpreters the flexibility to learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

We are committed to supporting interpreters in their professional growth by offering continuous learning opportunities and resources.

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